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Monday, January 14, 2008

Harmless By Daba Reinhardt


That was what it started as. A Harmless lie. But this harmless lie became bigger and now…now it isn’t so harmless. Emma and Anna have been friends since the sixth grade, and now they had Mariah. If not for her…maybe none of this would have happened. If not for her they would never had been at that damn party and this would never had happened.

This book was really interesting and a pretty fast read. Really makes you think about just how “Harmless” anything is. If your bored this book is good to read.

I give it four stars. ~Student Submission

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Unwind - Neal Schuseterman

Its far in the future- after the second civil war waged between the Pro-Choice and Pro-Life armies. Young Conner discovers that he himself is scheduled to be "unwound". Unwinding is an honorable action according to adults, but it is a terrible fate for the young so Conner decides to go AWOL. If he can make it under ground until he is 18, the law can't touch him.

Conner begins to discover other AWOL Unwinds in his struggle for survival, not all as lucky as he. I really enjoyed this book and couldn't put it down, not only for the plot and task, but also the questions that it raised for me. Very interesting read!

7 Days in the Hot Corner - Terry Trueman

They say in baseball, playing third base can be tricky- they call it the "Hot Corner". Scott lives for baseball...and after his senior year he has dreams of not even going to college, but being picked up on a farm team for the majors somewhere.

The book isn't really about that though- you see Scott comes is afraid that he might have AIDS. He just got tested and won't get the results back for seven days- the same seven days that his baseball team will be competing in the state tourney. In this fast, east read- Trueman (Stuck in Neutral, Inside Out) tells the story of anger, betrayal, fear and some interesting observations of the high school experience.

Got a free afternoon? Check it out!