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Friday, October 30, 2009

Jane Eyre by: Charlotte Brone

This story is about a woman's life, and her struggles in life. She lived as an orphan and was treated coldly by her aunt. She is then sent off to a school, where she spends a portion of her life. She becomes a governess for Mr. Rochester, after leaving the school, but begins to fall in love with him. But, will her past prevent her from finding true love?

Zombie Survivla Guide by: Max Brooks

This book starts out very funny and it is, up until your realize Max Brooks is serious. Then it gets weird and a little pathetic. It seems Brooks considers zombies an honest threat to humanity. I would say you should read this for at least some laughs, and if nothing else you'll learn to how to survive the (highly unlikely) zombie apocalypse.

The Sun Alos Rises by: Ernest Hemingway

The book is about a group of people from the World War I period that are veterans. It takes place in a European setting. The group centrally focuses on characters (many of them) and moral values. A lot can be learned from this book because of the way Ernest Hemingway, such as the way war affects people. (in this case, the main character)

Basilisk by: N.M. Browne

Set in a past revolt world, Donna is a scribe that gets set a special task. Rej, an underworld camber, has come to the surface in search of revenge for a man he hardly knows. The only thing they have in common, they both dream of Basilisks.