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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A girl goes and to visit her dad, when she gets there she stars to get involved with meth. When returning back to her moms she has to face the truth and in her eyes 'face the monster."

Liked it a lot- would recommend it!

~ By student

Fade is about a twelve year old boy who lives in Canada in 1943. He has the the power to fade, or become invisible.

This book explains some very heavy subjects and is a good read. I recommend it, but it is not a "feel good" book. :)

~BY student
When sixteen year old Tessa gets hit in the head by a dodge ball, she ends up in heaven. The mall she grew up in, she must go through moments on her life which are connected to things she brought in the mall.

This book is great and I would suggest it to anyone!

~ submitted by student