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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Long Night of Leo and Bree

This story starts off with two complete strangers and their stories. Leo is a senior in High School with a lot on his mind. It's the 4-year anniversary of the murder of his sister and his mom isn't handling it well. Things fell apart when his sister was murdered and they never quite got back to normal. Leo's mother insists it's his fault she was murdered that night. One word leads to another and his mothers craziness rubs off on him. Not wanting any more to happen he leaves. Bree is also a senior in High School, she feels pressure from family and her boyfriend to do things they want her to. Fed up with people telling her what to do, Bree decides to do something for herself. A night out on the town is just what she needs. What she never thought was this "night on the town" would turn into a night she'll remember forever. Leo and Bree's night's combine, Leo still crazed from his fight with his mom thinks he needs to make up for his sisters death with another persons life. This person would be Bree. What starts out to be murder ends to be one person helping another. Bree helps Leo get over his sisters death and live his life. Bree realizes there's more to life than school and making others happy.
This book is a fantastic short read. It has just enough detail to make you never want to stop reading!

Friday, March 18, 2011

The Dust of 100 Dogs, by E.S. King, is a story about a young girl who is born into this century, however she has a secret. She has a complete memory of her past life and she's determined to come to peace with that life. In her past life, her name was Emer, and she's a girl from around the 14th century and she grows up in a small village and then when her family is killed in a tragic war, she becomes very isolated and grows up to be a pirate. She sails everywhere with her crew finding treasure. She also meets a young boy, named Seanie, who appears to be mute, but he really just doesn't like talking much. They spend a lot of time together against the wishes of her uncle and they decide they love each other and they want to get married, but things go wrong when her uncle finds out and sells her to a man far away. When she leaves, Seanie is devastated and immediately begins his search for her. While all of this is occurring, Emer is also telling the story of her 100 lives as a dog and how that happened. She describes a few of her lives and a lot of the things she learned as a dog. As well as describing these lives and her dog lives, she's still a girl in the present and during this time she makes plans to go and find the treasure that she lost. She's also heartbroken about the loss of Seanie and it devastates her that she never really found him again and that he could be dead. Near the end she ends up back to where she knows she buried her treasure and when its not there she is very upset. However, she gets revenge on the man that killed her love in her past life and then on her journey back home, while sitting in the plane waiting for take off she looks out her window back at the airport and sees a man who looks very familiar and is smiling at her. She then realizes who it is and knows she hasn't lost him :)
I thought that this book was very intriguing, even though it is more of a younger level of reading. It was full of adventure and excitement and even romance and danger and of course buried treasure! I do recommend this book to anyone, it was a great read!

~ submitted by student

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I Heart You, You Haunt Me

"I Heart you, you haunt me" by Lisa Schroeder is about a 15 year old girl in high school dealing the the loss of her boyfriend. Ava tells that she and Jackson have been together for about 8 months and can't be any better until one great and adrenaline night turns out for the worst. Lisa Schroeder starts off the novel at the Funeral of Ava's boyfriend, Jackson. Ava goes through sleepless nights for weeks until one day she sees Jackson's reflection staring back at her in her bathroom mirror. "I Heart You, You Haunt Me" tells how Ava goes through her everyday life keeping the thought of her "ghost" boyfriend around because of the grief she was left with.