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Thursday, October 2, 2014

    This is a nonfiction about poverty
     in a Mumbai slum called
     Annawadi. It's reported brilliantly
     and written in an omniscient way
     that makes it like a novel.                                                            

                                                           This book is about a city girl
                                                         girl named Anthem. She meets
                                                         a boy named Gavin who lives
                                                         in the South side. They fall in
                                                         love, but then Gavin gets
                                                         kidnapped. Anthem is
                                                         desperately looking for him
                                                         and then she gets into a
                                                         terrible accident. When she
                                                         regains consciousness, she's
                                                         in a dark lab caked in blood,
                                                         with a jagged scar running
                                                         down her chest. Read the
                                                         book to learn the secret of
                                                         what happened to Gavin
                                                         and why Anthem has a scar down her chest.

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